The Silent Blade: An Interview With Jesseca Wheaton

Today we'll be talking to my Goodreads friend Jesseca Wheaton, as part of the blog tour for her new novel, The Silent Blade. (Isn't that a great tour banner she put together?)

"There Are No Escape Pods, Captain" - Jordan Smith On NaNo, Loglines, And Life

If you recognized the title of this post, then you probably know Jordan Smith - whether you realize it or not. He's one of the people behind Month of the Novel, and also author of the popular writing books Finding The Core of Your Story and, recently, Loglines in the Wild. After reviewing the latter as part of Jordan's launch team, I invited him for an interview and he accepted.

The Author of Arcrea: An Interview With Nicole Sager

Please join me in welcoming our latest interview guest, Nicole Sager. She is best known as the author of The Heart of Arcrea and its two sequels, plus the subsequent Companions of Arcrea spinoff series.

Don't Let The Rat Read This: An Interview With Lydia Howe

Today we're going to have a few questions with my friend Lydia Howe, author of Action Kid's Club plus Cave Secrets of the Pterodactyl and Cool Critters of the Ice Age (with her "adopted dad" Buddy Davis). She's also in the midst of rewriting and editing When Life Hands You Lymes, a fictional story based on her multi-year battle with Lyme disease. This is going to be a major work of some length, but Lydia has been kind enough to take time out for an interview in the midst. So let's get to it!

Help, Hope, And Apathy: An Interview With Missionary Author Natalie Vellacott

Today we have the pleasure of hosting Natalie Vellacott, missionary to the Philippines and author of the book They're Rugby Boys, Don't You Know? After reading and reviewing the book, I asked Natalie if she would give us an interview here on Elisha Press, and she was nice enough to agree. So here we go!

"What Would You Name Your Violin?" - An Interview With Amanda Tero

My writer friend Amanda Tero has recently released the first novella in her new Orphan Journeys series, called Journey to Love. It's a sweet story, and I recommend it especially to the young ladies in the audience. (Relevant links to follow after the jump.) As part of Amanda's launch tour for the book, she consented to be interviewed here on Elisha Press. We did this a couple of months ago, so don't get confused by the references to cold weather.

Profanity In Christian Fiction

Have you ever encountered curse words in a Christian novel? It happened to me for the first time a couple of weeks ago. The book, which I'm not going to name, was written by an acquaintance of mine who is a Christian and a homeschool graduate. What was that word doing in this book?

It's Here: "Susanna Don't You Cry" By Zachary McIntire

Susanna Don't You Cry, a debut novel by Zachary McIntire, is now the fifth in our growing family of Elisha Press titles. It's available through Amazon in print and Kindle editions.

What happens when a man deserts his family, then…

Why I Don't NaNo

I've waited until the end of November to publish this post, because I have no desire to pour cold water on the hot enthusiasm of others. That only produces steam, which tends to burn the person pouring the water. Am I taking this metephor too far? Okay, moving on....

Clear The Stage

Since no one answered last week's lyrical trivia question, and in honor of Black Friday with all its pitfalls of materialism, I wanted to share the song to which I referred - the one that contains the words "crush the idols." The song is Clear The Stage, written and performed by Jimmy Needham. In some ways, I feel…