Why I Don't NaNo

I've waited until the end of November to publish this post, because I have no desire to pour cold water on the hot enthusiasm of others. That only produces steam, which tends to burn the person pouring the water. Am I taking this metephor too far? Okay, moving on....

Clear The Stage

Since no one answered last week's lyrical trivia question, and in honor of Black Friday with all its pitfalls of materialism, I wanted to share the song to which I referred - the one that contains the words "crush the idols." The song is Clear The Stage, written and performed by Jimmy Needham. In some ways, I feel…

Chapter Titles, Songs, And Movies I Haven't Seen

Hello again, folks. Please don't think I've been idle in the 3-4 weeks since my last post. No indeed, I have been busy - busy being sick, that is, and trying to get better. I'm feeling almost 100% back to normal today, and thankful to be so. Today we're continuing the series on Flight School with some thoughts about movies, songs, and unintentional endorsements.

May Is The New September

If you're not a writer or you don't use Createspace, you might want to skip this post. Don't unsubscribe, though (please!) - just wait for our next post, which will be another installment in the Flight School Q&A series.

So, authors and techies, here's a riddle for you. The official release date of Flight School was September 1, 2015. Why, then, does the following appear on the Amazon print listing for the book?

Dating vs. Courtship In "Flight School"

Not too long ago, I got a question about the perspective presented in Flight School on boy/girl relationships. In particular, some comments made by Jessie could lead one to believe that the story is meant to promote "courtship" and discourage "dating."

Should Or Shouldn't?

If you've read Flight School, you know that some of the "many choices" advertised on the cover are not of the simple right vs. wrong variety. For example, at once point Chris and Galen choose to go on to an appointment rather than return for a family crisis that they consider to be relatively minor. Did they do the right thing, or not?

What Is A Mullerite?

After we released Flight School two weeks ago and began to get feedback from readers, one thing became immediately evident: people were confused by the "Mullerites" mentioned in the book. Not a few took the group to be a real-world denomination.

Two words to set the record straight: it isn't.

Book Review: "A Cry From Egypt" by Hope Auer

At this year's SHEM Convention in Springfield, Missouri, I had the privilege of meeting in person Hal and Melanie Young. Best known as the authors of Raising Real Men, these folks have also published two fiction books through their label, Great Waters Press. Both of these are stories about the Exodus written by a talented author and homeschool graduate named Hope Auer.

Available Now: "Flight School: One Summer, Many Choices" (Giveaway!)

Today, we're thankful to announce the release of Flight School: One Summer, Many Choices, the long-awaited sequel to The Sparrow Found A House by Jason McIntire.

In Flight School, the Rivera kids are back with old friends, new friends, and new adventures. As they begin to grow up, they're also beginning to discover the problems, possibilities, and choices of adult…