Thanks To Our Blogging Friends!

This is a thank-you post, recognizing some special Internet friends who helped to spread the word about our giveaway of The Sparrow Found A House. Some posted special blog entries; some tweeted; some updated their Facebook. All are appreciated!

"The Lost Medallion" Movie Review

For months I have been anticipating the release of The Lost Medallion, a new independent inspirational film intended for kids. Alex Kendrick plays the storyteller in the movie, and with his name attached, my expectations were high. Unfortunately, I was disappointed. I knew the film was very adventure-focused, but I wasn't prepared for the level of violence in a movie recommended for six-year-olds.…

Win One Of FIVE Signed Copies Of "The Sparrow Found A House"

Update 09/07/13: The giveaway has concluded. Congratulations to our five winners!


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Thanks to everyone who entered the giveaway! If you didn't…

Freedom... Forever?

While waiting in line at the post office, I noticed a display of stamp designs. The "value" of each stamp had been crossed out to cancel it for display purposes. This resulted in one particular stamp with such an ironic message that I just had to take a picture.

Freedom Forever?

As you can…

My Favorite Movie From The Kendrick Brothers

Ten years ago last April, a church in Georgia released a movie. The church was Sherwood Baptist of Albany, and the movie producers were the Kendrick brothers and their friends. This movie, however, was not named Courageous, Fireproof, or even Facing The Giants. It was called Flywheel. I frequently meet people who have watched one or two of the others, but have never even…

Book Review: "Through Stress And Strain" From Salem Ridge Press

As a casual follower of the homeschool blogosphere, I generally get a sense of what products are making the "review rounds." Recently my eye was caught by the Salem Ridge Press collection - children's stories from long ago that have been republished and annotated for the modern reader. I knew right away that I wanted to sample one of these books.

The book I requested is called Through…

The Sparrow Has Landed

Today I'm pleased to announce the publication of my first Christian novel, The Sparrow Found A House. This is a work of contemporary fiction targeted toward young adult homeschoolers, but suitable for all ages and groups. The plot revolves around the Rivera children, four average kids in the Midwest whose father died several years previously. As the story opens, their mother has just married…

"The Widow's Might" Movie Review

As news  in the film industry goes, The Widow's Might is hardly a hot headline. Its moment in the sun was four long years ago, when it amazingly beat Fireproof to win first prize at SAICFF, America's largest Christian film festival. By now, the actors have all grown up, and many of the people involved…

"Captivated" Movie Review

Do you ever find yourself sitting passively in front of your TV or computer, watching or clicking, but not really learning or doing anything? You click, and look, and feel aimless, and think about how you really should go do something productive. You yawn and think about going to bed, but don't. Instead you keep sitting in front of the screen as if mesmerized by something very interesting... only…

"Journey To Jamaa" Review: A Short Movie To Make You Count Your Blessings

I can read and write. I have shoes. I live in a sturdy house, with air conditioning in the summer and heat in the winter. Our area has good laws and good law enforcement. There are no epidemic contagious diseases here. Most of all, our family knows and shares the Love of Jesus. Human nature being what it is, I find it all too easy to take these most basic blessings for granted. That's one reason…