Cover image of The Reunion

The Reunion

by Rachael McIntire

The Reunion follows the lives of Sarah Gladstone and Amanda Wellington, two little girls with similar backgrounds but very different stories. One is adopted into a home filled with the love of Jesus; the other finds herself growing up in a rich family where His Name is unknown.

Sarah and her adoptive sister, Rebecca, struggle to make their way as Christians in a secular world. Amanda listlessly glides through her life of wealth while all the time longing for the one real treasure - to be loved.

The unpredictable story of The Reunion is sure to keep the whole family engaged for hours. Through every twist and turn, readers will learn timeless godly principles that can be applied to a lifetime of everyday choices.

The Reunion is a great read-aloud for families, and makes a wonderful homeschool supplement. Families with adopted children also find special meaning in the story, as adoption is celebrated and discussed in a sensitive way. The story can be appreciated by any age group, though independent readers should be ten or older.

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